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Martin Scorsese & Wes Anderson.

Ginta Lapina for Prada, Fall 2014.


Jim Jarmusch & Tom Waits

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Infographic: Women and Hollywood - Better Luck Next Year…Or Next Decade | Women and Hollywood

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You feminists are getting the wrong idea. The majority of elementary school teachers are women… is that sexist towards men? Of course not. Women simply like to teach children, and men do not. With the movies, women are typically not as interested in a film career as men. It’s not because of sexism. 

Yes, women are not treated as equals to men. But don’t use these facts to support your cause. That’s the same as saying “Our society is sexist because all football players are men”. 

Did you know that men were not allowed to teach elementary school in California until after WWII? That that was the law? So, really, men have been kept from that vocation in much the same way that women have been kept from filmmaking. Just a little food for thought… 

I’m so fucking sick and tired of men complaining about how bad they have it whenever a feminist topic is brought up. I do NOT have to stop my informational speech to say that the patriarchy has also affected men. I do NOT have to create another graph about men and how sad it is that they couldn’t be in a low pay high work career such as teaching school children. Yeah, maybe you didn’t get to teach kids, but you were molding college students minds at high level universities, where men have far longer outnumbered women. 

A POC is not required to make a note of how bad someone with more social and literal rights has it when they talk about racism and privilege. This ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ stance of ‘humanism’ is oppressing the entire fucking movement, because we have to sit here and pretend like you assholes have it as bad as us. We have to include our oppressors in every fucking sentence we speak or you will not let our voices be heard. We are all trying to destroy the same social structure (patriarchy), you know, that structure that says men can’t be teachers, and men can’t cry, and men can’t knit, or be submissive to another man (homosexuality). This is because WOMEN are so hated in society. Our femininity is weakness. Patriarchy dictates what careers, actions, and hobbies are for boys and what are for girls. When you complain about not being able to teach elementary students, you are experiencing a little bit of what woman, especially WOC, experience EVERY FUCKING DAY. So, i’m sorry if our movement occasionally leaves your sad side of the story out every once in a while.

If you can’t wrap your head around the idea that supporting feminism will end all of those stupid gender constructs and gender based careers, then fuck you very much and have a horrible day. 

I swear to god if I hear one more fucking asshole tell me to include men in my feminist rants i’m going to fucking cut their god damn heads off. I talk about issues with men and boys when it is appropriate but don’t you dare make me feel ashamed for not mentioning that men aren’t elementary school teachers while i’m talking about how the biggest influence in most peoples lives is dominated by FUCKING WHITE MEN. (THE FILM AND TV INDUSTRY)

~Side note, this graph was educational, but left out a deserving portion about WOC in the film industry. Probably because the numbers are so sickening it literally hurts to see them.

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Female in cinema


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Lo mejor que ha hecho Tommy Hilfiger! No, no es alguna prenda.